3 Ways To Make Your Restaurant Opening A Success

You've worked hard to get your menu in order, a staff hired, and your restaurant ready for business. Instead of risking a failed opening, here are three ways you can guarantee an opening day success.  Use the Power of Social Media The power of social media can never be underestimated. In fact, the average Facebook user has around 338 friends, making sharing information about your opening a powerful word-of-mouth marketing solution. Read More 

Wedding Catering Tips For When Your Venue Has No Kitchen

In a perfect world, every wedding venue would come equipped with a full kitchen. Unfortunately, sometimes the spot that is exactly what you want for the reception is lacking in this one key feature. This is no reason to find a different locale, though. Although it can be a challenge, it is possible to arrange for successful catering even without the benefit of a dedicated kitchen. The following tips can help. Read More 

4 Ways to Use Coffee That Prove Coffee Isn’t Just a Drink Anymore

Coffee connoisseurs enjoy the rich variety of beans and roasts available for consumption, as well as the numerous ways in which you can dress up your coffee drinks. However, chefs from around the world have been using coffee in other ways. The more coffee recipes that are created, the more it proves that coffee is not just a drink anymore. If you really love coffee, you may enjoy some of the following ideas about how to incorporate coffee in just about everything you eat. Read More 

5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

Choosing a gift for your beloved for Valentine's Day can be a difficult task. Making sure that the gift comes from the heart, but also speaks to your loved one's taste. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn of just a few gift ideas to give your significant other for Valentine's Day. Custom Chocolate Box A custom chocolate box allows you to mix and match your favorite chocolate candies into a specialized package. Read More 

Making Delicious Chia Seed Dessert Pizzas

You've heard all about chia seeds and their stunning range of health benefits. However, you haven't really found a way to integrate them into a healthy dessert the whole family will love. Why not buy chia seeds to make these delicious dessert pizzas? Choosing Fruit For The Spread Chia seeds are renowned for their health benefits and their remarkable culinary diversity. For your dessert pizza, you're going to choose several different types of fruit to mix with your chia seeds. Read More