Making Delicious Chia Seed Dessert Pizzas

You've heard all about chia seeds and their stunning range of health benefits. However, you haven't really found a way to integrate them into a healthy dessert the whole family will love. Why not buy chia seeds to make these delicious dessert pizzas?

Choosing Fruit For The Spread

Chia seeds are renowned for their health benefits and their remarkable culinary diversity. For your dessert pizza, you're going to choose several different types of fruit to mix with your chia seeds. Avoiding delicious, but unhealthy, toppings like chocolate maximizes the health benefits of this dessert.

Blueberries are probably your best bet: they not only blend well with a wide range of items (including chia seeds), but they are highly nutritious. Include at least one other type of fruit, such as strawberries or even bananas, to create a rich, creamy, and delicious mix.

Preparing The Topping

After selecting at least one other ingredient to go with your chia seeds, it's time to prepare the topping. Start by cleaning any berries you plan on using, chopping them up, and dropping them in a blender. At least one cup of each type of berry should be used. Once you have all your berries cleaned and chopped, blend them to a slightly chunky consistency.

Pour the mixture into a bowl and add at least one and up to three cups of chia seeds: try to add as many cups of chia seeds as you have total berries for the best effect. Mix the seeds fully through the topping to ensure they will spread evenly.

Bringing It All Together

Once you have carefully prepared your chia seed dessert pizza topping, let it sit while you split and toast several English muffins. The number of muffins depends on how many pizzas you want to make: the spread recipe should be good for about three or four pizzas, though you can always save extra spread for later by storing it in a sealed container in the fridge.

Once your muffins are toasted, spread a tablespoon of the topping across the surface evenly. While you spread, pre-heat an oven to about 400 degrees. Put your muffins on a baking sheet and slide them in the oven. Traditional English muffin pizzas take about 8-10 minutes to cook, which should give you a good guide for when to check.

Remove your muffins when they are brown, let them cool for a few minutes, and then dig in! They taste best when they're a little warm, making them a fun after school snack for the whole family to make!