3 Ways To Make Your Restaurant Opening A Success

You've worked hard to get your menu in order, a staff hired, and your restaurant ready for business. Instead of risking a failed opening, here are three ways you can guarantee an opening day success. 

Use the Power of Social Media

The power of social media can never be underestimated. In fact, the average Facebook user has around 338 friends, making sharing information about your opening a powerful word-of-mouth marketing solution. Use this to your advantage by asking employees or friends to share a group or event announcing your opening with their friends in the area. When friends see this opening event and decide they might want to attend, they can click "maybe," and be reminded again in the future on opening day. If they want to go, they can click "going," so you have an idea of how many people to plan for. Make sure to link to your company's page or website, so you get the benefit of social media traffic and engaging customers on your homepage. 

Engage With Companies In Your Area

Working with local, established companies can be beneficial. Offer to host a brunch for a local law firm or deliver discount coupons to the mall for all employees who attend your opening. This is easy to do and encourages groups of people to attend with people they already know. 

Offer Prizes, Freebies, and Discounts

One of the best things you can do for your opening is to offer prizes, freebies, and discounts. Having a giveaway, for instance, gives you a chance to ask for people's phone numbers or emails. You can build a strong email or call list that way. Giving away free tastes of your alcohol or drink selection, offering a free appetizer with an order, or making some other kind of deal for a free gift will also encourage more people to attend your opening. Finally, offer discounts for a second visit; people need a reason to come back, and many can't ignore a good deal. By handing them a coupon, you're encouraging them to come again; if you put a date that the coupon has to be used by, they're more likely to come again sooner. If you provide a coupon to customers who attend your opening and then again when they come back, you could potentially build a long-term client base from your opening day alone. 

These are just a few ideas for making your opening a success. Whether you do all three or just one, you'll be sure to be a hit. 

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