3 Ways You Can Use Dry Ice To Your Benefit

Anyone who deals with food knows the importance of keeping their food at just the right temperature. Otherwise, you end up with spoiled food and wasted money. However, many people overlook some of the common ways to keep food cool beyond just a regular freezer. For example, dry ice can do the same thing as a freezer, but it actually goes beyond what a freezer can do. Learn more about the different uses and benefits of dry ice below. Read More 

It’s All About Productivity: 4 Reasons You Should Be Giving Your Employees Coffee

Happy employees are productive employees. If you run a business, you want your employees to be as happy and productive as possible. You want to find simple ways to improve productivity. You might be surprised to find out that providing coffee for your employees can actually benefit you and your staff. If your break room doesn't include a coffee machine, you should consider having one installed. Here are three reasons you should be providing coffee for your employees. Read More