8 Easy Gift Ideas For A Special Coworker

If you work with others, like in an office setting, there are times that you may want to remember someone special with a little gift. Gift-giving doesn't have to be expensive, and there are many clever and useful gifts that you can give without spending a lot.

Eight easy gift ideas for your co-workers or colleagues are:

1.       Coffee and a cup. A great coffee cup is something that everyone uses, and when you tuck a couple of Keurig k-cups inside, it becomes the perfect gift. Consider buying a funny novelty mug, but make sure it is appropriate for the workplace, and stock-up on k-cups to have some on-hand for upcoming occasions and gift-giving.

2.       A great pen. Give a co-worker a nice pen; it is a simple, but a very useful gift. You may want to consider having it personalized or imprinted with a special message.

3.       A small plant. Another gift idea is to give someone you work with a small seedling or potted plant to put on their desk. Plants make excellent gifts, and they cost very little. Tie a bow around the pot, and it is ready to give!

4.       Cool calendars. Try to find a cool calendar that reflects interests or hobbies of the individual receiving the gift. These are useful and can be used either at work or at home.

5.       Lip balm. If you want to get crafty, consider making some inexpensive homemade lip balms for your co-workers. The air in an office can be dry or stuffy; make your own soothing lip balms using basic items like oil, fragrance, and emollients, like Shea butter – all things that you can buy inexpensively at a craft store or site.

6.       A framed message. Give someone at work a framed motivational message using an inexpensive picture-frame that you buy at a crafting store or retail outlet.  Print off a reproduction of a favorite inspiring quote and frame it for your friend's desk or home office.

7.       More coffee. If your co-worker loves coffee, give them a small denomination gift card to a favorite coffee shop.

8.       Something yummy. Satisfy your co-worker's sweet tooth with some baked goods. Consider stopping at a local bakery if you are lack time to spend in the kitchen. Make sure to put a label of ingredients on the gift in case they have any allergies or dietary restrictions.

Use these tips to give a special memento to someone at work – without spending a fortune. Visit online retailers to stock up on things like coffee k-cups, office supplies, and crafting goods to pull together a quick and easy gift whenever the occasion arises.