Perfect Party-Sandwich Ideas

Whether you're planning a casual get-together to celebrate a friend's or loved one's birthday or hosting a fancy baby or bridal shower, sandwiches will make the ideal main course. Your providing a variety of easy-to-eat sandwiches will make it convenient for party-goers to mix and mingle while they enjoy their food.

Another plus to serving sandwiches at a party is that all of your guests will be happy and satisfied as long as you accommodate everyone, including vegetarians, vegans, and those with dietary restrictions or allergies. No matter whether you make the sandwiches yourself or have them catered by a local shop, you'll have no problem pleasing everyone while staying within your event-planning budget.

Following are some sandwich ideas that you can include on your party platter.

1. Grilled Cheese 

If you want to give guests a warm, comforting meal while keeping things casual, grilled-cheese sandwiches are the way to go. If you have a lot to make, prepare the sandwiches on a large griddle and keep them hot under a warming lamp.

A fun idea is to provide several different types of sandwiches and cut them into bite-size pieces so that guests can sample all of them. Insert a toothpick into each sandwich bite for easy eating. You can even choose festive toothpicks that reflect the special occasion, such as flag décor for the Fourth of July or hearts for a bridal shower.

In addition to the classic American or cheddar-cheese sandwiches, provide gourmet options, such as brie and ham or caramelized onions and gruyère. 

2. Tea Sandwiches 

Light and refreshing, tea sandwiches are perfect for outdoor spring and summer garden parties. In addition to the delicate sandwiches, you can serve hot and iced tea, coffee, lemonade, and a variety of refined desserts, such as scones and biscotti, to complete the meal.

Tea sandwiches ideas include cucumber and cream cheese, egg salad sprinkled with fresh dill, smoked salmon and cream cheese, and brie and ham. Serve the sandwiches on soft, white crust-less bread, and cut them into small circular or square shapes using cookie cutters. 

3. Pitas 

As an alternative to traditional sandwiches, make pitas instead. Cut the round pita bread in half, open each pita, and fill it with any ingredients that you'd like. As a fun twist, serve the pita bread and serving bowls filled with a variety of fresh ingredients buffet style, and allow the party-goers to make their own sandwiches. 

Some filling ideas include homemade hummus, deli-style ham or turkey, chicken or tuna salad, and fresh produce such as sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, and red onions.