Wine Party Pairings That Are Perfect For Fall

The flavors and foods of fall are the perfect accompaniment to many tasty and delicious wines, so why not incorporate them into your autumn entertaining and catering menus? These pairings highlight the many harvests and bounties of the season and could provide a great theme for a cocktail party or fall get-together.

Try these pairing suggestions when serving the following wines at your next party:

Sparkling wines and champagne.

Sparkling rose or pink champagne is a great choice for parties and celebrations, and you don't need a special occasion to pour a glass. A glass of dry bubbling rose takes on a whole new flavor profile when you drop a few fresh cranberries in each glass and serve some of the following autumnal favorites to your guests:

  • Apple tarts and pastries.

  • Roasted nuts, such as chestnuts, cashews, and almonds.

  • Aged goats' milk cheese.

  • Salty olives.

  • Rye crackers or wheat biscuits.

  • Thin slices of prosciutto.

White wines.

If you enjoy a glass of a dry white wine, consider serving Riesling or Pinot Grigio at your next gathering. This light, crisp wine goes well with a wide variety of foods, but for fall festivities, consider serving this wine with the following foods:

  • Chunks of salty ham.

  • Rich, creamy cows' milk cheeses, such as baked brie or Gouda.

  • Slivers of sharp Parmesan cheese.

  • Fresh, ripe grapes.

  • Sesame crackers or bread sticks.

  • Rich, creamy panacotta or custard.

Red wines.

A robust red wine is ideal for serving at a brisk, fall event, and you can't go wrong with a Pinot Noir or a glass or rich Burgundy. While these red wines always seem to pair well with heavy foods, pasta dishes, and red meats, there are also some simple pairings that might be perfect for your entertaining menu this season.

Try serving dry red wines with these foods:

  • Onion rolls or dark caraway bread.

  • Dry-cured salami or sausage slices.

  • Pates, such as pork or duck.

  • Braised or roasted mushrooms.

  • Blue cheeses.

  • Aged, sharp cheddar cheese.

  • Fruit poached in brandy or liqueur.

There are many great reasons to incorporate wines into your fall entertaining menu, and many guests will be more than happy to bring their own personal favorites when requested for parties or tastings. Try incorporating some of these wine and food pairings into your fall festivity and give your guests a simple and elegant experience that will welcome winter with a new and tasty tradition.