Butcher Shop Revival All Over The Country For Nostalgic Meat Shoppers

You no longer have to wish butcher shops were a reality. You can now shop for healthy meat supplies straight from your local butcher shop. Once a must for meat shoppers back in the day, butcher shops have reemerged much to the gratitude of dedicated customers who want to know more about the meats they purchase. They ask about what animals were fed when they were alive. Many people also want to know whether the animals were treated humanely during their lifetime. Most of all, many consumers want fresh meat that is not prepackaged.

Bid Prepackaged Meats Goodbye

Forget about being forced to traipse down meat aisles in a supermarket looking to purchase meats. Never again choose meat prepackaged in fancy plastic-wrapped foam trays. You get to choose the meat you want at your local butcher shop. Your butcher is just as pleased to get you exactly what you want, and rest assured that the meats you buy are fresh products that you see before they are wrapped individually for you.

How You Plan to Cook Your Meat Determines Cuts You Must Buy

Decide what type of cooking you will be doing before you run off to the nearest butcher shop. Will you be grilling steaks or preparing cross rib roasts? Your planned type of cooking guides the butcher into making the right cuts. You will leave the butcher shop knowing that all you have to do once you return home is season your meats and apply the cooking method you have in mind.

Try An Alternative Steak If Porterhouse Steaks Are Expensive

If you want porterhouse steaks but find them too expensive, there are other steaks that you can purchase. Your butcher in all likelihood will recommend other alternative steaks that cost less. You may want to choose steaks such as ribeye or cowboy ribeye. You might even want to consider bone-in veal chops as a substitute menu.

Caribbean Meat Choices From Your Local Butcher

If you are originally from Caribbean countries and longing for some down-home menus, ask a butcher (such as one from Custom Quality Meats) to package kidneys, oxtails, pig's ears and trotters as well as cow foot for you. Now you can take home all of those items and have a field day spicing up the meals with the use of Caribbean seasonings. Have a wonderful experience meeting your butcher and purchasing your fresh and healthy cuts of meat.

Also remember that Jamaican Rice 'N Peas dish is a staple to eat with your choice of meats. Rice 'N Peas will enhance the taste of the meats. In cooking Rice 'N Peas, you must add fresh coconut milk to the cooking mix. Bring the mixture to a boil and then cook on a low heat setting. Bon appétit!